Episode 10: How To Survive Work (work work work work)





You roll over and hit snooze (which I think should be renamed ‘I’d prefer to be late than to get up’, but that’s a thought for another blog) and realise it’s monday, the start to the work week and another week in the hell whole. 

Maybe, however you’re up before your alarm because it’s Monday and they finally let you get back to work. 

Orrrr maybe you don’t have an alarm because you forgot to set one and that’s why today is the day you’re getting fired. 


Working life is a big part of your 20s whether it's getting your dream job or putting up with a lot of Karens while you try and figure out what to do with your life. No matter which way you look at it in order to ‘treat yo self’ and you know survive, someone’s got to be working and for most of us, that’s us. 


So what is the best way to earn this mystical money, you may be asking? Well my young traveller (this blog post is really taking a lot of turns) let me give you a few tips for the world of work. Don’t worry there’s plenty more tips and inspiration in our Podcast, just click on the link below when you’re done with this. 


# Tip 1: A job can be just a job.

Don’t get me wrong, having a career and a job that you love is a great thing and if you have that/ know what job will make you happy, then good for you boo. You do you. However, if you are one of those people that doesn’t really know what that amazing rom com dream job would be, then that’s fine. Like I said earlier, everyone needs money and jobs give you that. So if you have a job and it’s like yea it’s a job then that’s fine. Jobs aren’t the only source of happiness. You can find plenty of fulfilling things, like attending classes, volunteering, being creative, travelling, meeting new people etc. No one said you have to find happiness from your job and if you find it from other sources that unfortunately doesn;’t give you money than good for you.


# Tip 2: For the really competitive jobs, make a pre-interview project. 

A lot of people just send out their CV/resume and hope for the best. That’s all well and good but with the job market being more competitive than ever, you’ll really want to stand out from the crowd. So make a project demonstrating more than what a CV can, what you can bring to the team. 

For example one person when applying for AirBNB analysed the global tourism market and came up with strategies for expanding to the middle east. She created a website where she displayed her analysis and strategies. 

Guess what folks, she got an interview. 

Example number two. A trainee teacher was asked to prep for an interview by saying what she would do to keep a class engaged. She went one step further and collected data from students about what keeps them engaged and why and then responded with those answers. Guess what folks, she got the job. 


#Tip 3 If you don’t know what to do, then that is great because that means you get to a load of interesting stuff in between. 

A big thing we believe in here at How Do You Survive Your 20s is a thing called life credit. That basically just means experiences that help you grow and help you to feel a bit more valuable and well rounded as a person. 

So if you don’t know what you want to do, try and get as much experience as you can. Maybe start by figuring out what you like to do. Maybe that’s just watching TV. Well great, try and volunteer in something to do with the media. Who knows. Whatever it is don’t sit still, take those career quizzes, look at the volunteering sites, teach English abroad, think about going back to school. Figuring out what you want to do may mean having to do a job you hate in the meantime, but use that as experience and motivation or even try and be creative with that job, who knows opportunities might come from when you redesign the company logo, setting up a new filing system, recommending upgrades for the company tech. Who knows, that’s all I’m trying to say.


Anyway I guess it’s time to clock out, but like I mentioned before, for plenty more advice, inspiration and hilarious stories check out our Podcast episode ‘Episode 10: How to survive Work (Work Work Work Work)’ by following the link below. 


Written by Joe