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Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Well, this can be a tricky one! It really can be the one that is all talk and no walk when it comes to eating healthy. Sometimes I’ll lie in bed at night, convincing myself that starting tomorrow, I am going to start eating healthy, and this will be the time that my life changes forever. But it only takes a short glance at a billboard in the street for a McChicken and I am right back to square one. Portion sizes don’t help either! Without a shadow of a doubt, I know I could take down two nine piece buckets from KFC, without even taking a breath!

But really, why would someone want to eat and live such a healthy lifestyle? Some say that the release of endorphins during exercise can become addictive, and people can begin to crave the rush of endorphins you feel when you exercise, but lately I just mostly crave the hot gooey pan of brownies straight out of the oven. Others may want to live a healthier lifestyle to look better, and gain the appreciation of others, and the dirty little secret is that we have all felt like that once in our life. However, I can say from past experience, if that is your motivation, you’ll probably fall off the waggon, if that is the case.

#1 Make Your Own Plan

If you want to join the healthy living club, you’ll be best off making a plan to help you stay on track. It is easy to find other people's ideas for healthy living online, because everyone loves to show off what they are doing well, but just because it worked for one person, does not mean it will work for everyone, or for you. Create a plan that you will enjoy and look forward to. Eat the right foods that you actually enjoy (within reason), rather than forcing yourself to eat foods you hate or exercises you hate doing.

#2 Team Work Makes The Dream Work

Get those around you to join in with you living a healthier lifestyle. Walking down the dark and lonely road of healthy eating and regular exercise can be difficult, but if you have someone or even a couple of people around you to keep yourselves motivated and enthusiastic, you’ll be less likely to stray from the path and onto the McDonalds drive thru.

#3 Make Yourself The Priority

Eating healthily and getting regular exercise has been proven to also help your mental health, as well of course as your physical health. So take this time of change as an opportunity to evaluate ways to improve your mental health too, and become happier on the inside as well as the outside.

4# Document Your Progress

I’m not going to lie to you, I do love seeing ‘before and after’ pictures of peoples healthy living on Instagram. Seeing others achieve their goals, can help us stay motivated to achieve ours. If you document your own progress, it will help you realise the progress you have made so far and keep you on the write track.

I can hardly say I have a whole ton of experience on being a healthy lifestyle guru, but I can definitely say that living a cleaner lifestyle is definitely not easy, and it is a journey not a destination, you just have to keep moving. Even if you stop off at Pizzahut along the way!

For more inspiration and stories to put a smile on your face check out our podcast episode ‘Feeling Healthy (How To Be Healthy)’.

See you there!

Written by Jonah.

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