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Disappointment Turnip (How To Survive A Bad Hair Cut)

As the great Phoebe Waller Bridge once said in her hit TV show 'Fleabag’... “Hair is everything”. She was probably not far from the truth. We have all experienced a good amount of days when we wake up, and our hair is just not having it, and a day like that can easily turn into a really bad day.

As I am writing this, I have just gotten home from receiving my own haircut. Living in London means my budget is a little thin, and I decided to get a free haircut at a barber school, from someone still learning to cut hair. I literally spent the past 30 mins watching myself in a mirror as I saw my young and ever receding hairline become ever more visible. I later left feeling a little more like a boiled egg than a human with luscious curly locks.

1# - You don’t ask, you don’t get.

One thing I have come to find out the hard way, is that if you are not specific with what you are asking for in your haircut, you are really just gambling on the talent and mind reading abilities of the one cutting your hair, and usually their not that good a mind reading! So don’t be shy, tell them exactly how you want your hair to look.

2# - It’s all about the confidence.

A natural reaction when we get a haircut that is even slightly shorter than before, is to hate it. Anything slightly different than what we are used to can make us feel a little self conscious, however I guarantee it is never as bad as we may think. And there is nothing you can even do about it now, so you just have to accept the fate that has landed in your hands, and accept it all with confidence.

3# - Do we have to small talk?

If you ever find someone that cuts your hair, and they enjoy just cutting your hair in silence, while you sit there in silence, and it’s not awkward, you hold onto that person, and never let them go. I get that sometimes small talk is necessary, but I’m too tired to pretend to make all the average things in my life seem exciting enough to tell the person cutting my hair.

If you like to keep it party in the back and business in the front, or long and free, try not to stress too much over a bad haircut once in a while, I guess it does grow back. Unless you’re like me and you're seeing yourself going bald in your twenties, then you hold onto your hair with all you have, and don’t let it go!

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‘Disappointment Turnip (How To Survive A Bad Hair Cut)’.

See you there!

Written by Jonah.

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