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When Giant Moths Attack! (Facing Your Fears)

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

It does not matter how old you get, if you’re a child, in your twenties, or old enough to remember when it was cool to wear flared jeans the first time, everyone has something they’re afraid of. It does not need to be something too big, it can be the smallest of things, such as a spider, cotton balls, (which is a real thing) or even going swimming. But how much are we willing to push past our fears to experience new things?

Do we ever let our fears get the better of us sometimes? I can definitely admit to being a bit of a ‘scaredy cat’ a fair few times in my life, and most of the times I usually regret it. One big fear for myself, are roller coasters. However, my fear has now become the enjoyment of my friends, and for their entertainment, they love seeing me scream in terror, as they “help” me push through my fears by encouraging/forcing me onto rides. How fun….

1# - Take your time.

There is no rush in conquering a fear. What may seem irrational to someone else, to you it may make perfect sense to dread the thought of a ten foot Python being in your immediate radius. Slow and steady wins the race, and throwing yourself too quickly into the deep end does not always equal coming out a great swimmer, take on your fears one step at a time.

2# - Just breath!

This may just be stating the obvious here, and it is usually the last thing anyone wants to hear when they are facing a phobia, however in some cases when we are faced with a fright, it is not always going to be in harm's way. Take it chill, and breath through it. Everything is going to be ok.

3# - Make A Plan of Action

Getting caught off guard can almost be half of the fear itself, so when tackling down your inner fears, start off by making a plan. Do the simple things such as, visualising a happy place, look at the evidence, and even try talking about it too, to let out some of the anxiety. Get organised, and prove who’s in charge.

4# - It could always be worse… I guess

Thinking of the worst possible outcome can also help (of course depending on the situation), it can help you mentally prepare for what is about to happen, and then if it never does, that’s great! What’s the worst that can happen, right??

All in all, we all have something or other that can run a shiver down our spine, and we will probably pick up new phobias as we get older. I guess it just helps add a bit more excitement into our lives!

For more inspiration and stories to put a smile on your face check out our podcast episode ‘When Giant Moths Attack! (Facing Fears)’.

See you there!

Written by Jonah.

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