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Personality Tests (It's Like We're Brothers)

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Who am I?

The question of identity has been complexing some of the greatest thinkers throughout history. Well, those thinkers didn’t have Buzzfeed's personality test ‘what kind of avocado are you?’.

Imagine if Socrates could have taken the ‘which friends character’ test you see popping up on any website ever. He could have saved himself a lot of time and stress if he had known he was clearly a Rachel.

No, but in all seriousness, identity has been a hot topic since well I guess since we had a grasp of what identity is. Lots of people have different ideas and ways they identify whether that be from their own experiences, family history, culture, art and star signs.

Thankfully us mere mortals don’t have to worry about who we are because we can take personality tests. Not so convinced????

Here are a few reasons you should take one and a few personality test websites you can use.

Reason #1: Identifying strengths and weaknesses

Despite what your mum tells you, you’re not perfect. Sorry. But that doesn’t mean you can’t work on those habits or traits that might be getting in the way of what you want. For example you might realise that you’re too much of a people pleaser, and you might need to learn to say no. Thus saving you a bit of stress and giving you the time to finally finish the series on Netflix.

Reason #2: Helping you to figure out your career or where to go to school

We all want a cool or fulfilling job but sometimes that’s all we know and we have no idea what the job would involve or include.

No need to panic though, most personality tests give you some feedback on potential jobs and careers that fit your type of personality and might just give you the inspiration you need.

Reason #3: It’s just good to know about yourself

Knowledge is power right. The more we know about ourselves and the more we realise just how similar we are to different people, the more we can feel comfortable about ourselves and what makes us, us.

So you’re interested huh, well here are a few places you can do a personality test.

  1. (The one we did on the shore)



To see what Joe and Jonah’s personalities are like check out the episode where we did our own personality tests (Episode 14: It’s like we’re brothers (personality test)) follow the link below.

See you there!

Written by Joe

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