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How 30 Is Not The New 20.

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Normally, I start these blog posts by painting a humorously over exaggerated image to get the ball rolling about whatever subject it may be. However, this subject is something I feel quite strongly about.

30 is the new 20.

There are parts to this statement that I agree with and other parts that I do not.

Part I agree with:

Times have changed. The other day I was talking with someone who used to live in London in a similar area to which I now reside. He mentioned how he bought a house which at that time was worth £12,000. He also mentioned that his yearly salary was £5000. Now admittedly if he had the same job now he would be getting significantly more but the value of that house in London would be at least half a million now.

Ergo, (not sure if I used that right) yes he would be getting more money but significant purchases like that are a lot more out of reach especially in your 20s; where you are just starting out in your career.

Which means, ultimately what could be achieved in your 20s some decades ago, are not as achievable now in 2020.

Part I disagree with:

What this statement doesn’t give license for is to sit on your backside for 10 years complaining you don’t have any money and buying useless junk on amazon (although don’t get me wrong we’ve all been there).

During your mid 20s your brain goes through one last reformation, meaning habits, opinions and personality traits get set in a harder stone after that reformation (I am a big advocate for people being able to change so it’s not like these things are impossible to change after).

Ergo, (I’m just going to keep going for it) your 20s is an essential time to get some ‘life credit’ (source Dr Meg Jay).

‘Life credit’ are experiences that help us learn and help us to define who we are and help us feel valuable. This may be by building valuable relationships, gaining educational experiences and qualifications, developing a hobby or passion or working on a career. Basically anything that helps us to feel valuable and helps build our self confidence and self worth. This ‘life credit’ isn’t built from anything unhealthy like how many netflix shows we’ve watched or having the latest phone, unless tv and tech is our passion; then that is perfect life credit.

What I am trying to get at is that your 20s aren’t for wasting. So if you feel like you’re wasting it…


Set some goals and plans (a goal without a plan is just a wish). Start meeting new people (use the meetup app to find people you would like to get to know). Start being smart with your money and finances so you can make significant life purchases later on when you need to (a house, car, engagement ring etc). Go on that trip, see that country you want to see. Start that podcast, youtube channel, blog post. Get qualified in whatever you want to do.

In other words your 20s are a time to be smart, do it, learn from your mistakes and have some fun.

Thanks for listening to my rant. For a more scientific idea of what I have tried to communicate you should check out this Ted Talk

Then you should go check out our podcast episode where we debate a little further how 30 is not the new 20: ‘Joe’s new karaoke song is… (How 30 is not the new 20)’. Just follow the link below.

See you there.

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