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How To Make Friends.

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

It’s Friday night, you're in your pjs, your shirt is rolled up a bit so some belly is showing, you burp and then fart and laugh to yourself. Netflix then asks you if you are still watching the show. You realise it’s not Friday and it’s Tuesday but that doesn’t matter cause every evening is the same. You stop and think hmmm maybe I need to get some friends.

Listen I hear, at some point we’ve all kind of been there in some way or another. Life in your 20s takes you on many roads and sometimes those roads can take you to new places where you don’t know a living soul, which means it might be time to put on those socialising trousers on and go make some friends. However, that can seem incredibly scary so to aid you on your quest for friendship (I don’t know where the theme for this blog is going but just stick with me) I have provided some hand tips to help you turn into the social butterfly you truly are (leave me alone, it’s late at night and I’m tired).

Tip #1: It’s all in your head

Socialising and meeting new people can be scary, there is no doubt about that but because it’s scary, it means that fear is inside our head and we can have some control over what goes on in our head. So remember to take a deep breath and start small. Start with groups that share similar interests so you already have something in common and something to bond over. This could be film, food, languages, bored games, writing, butterflies, whatever. The point is you both like whatever it is that you like. You can find groups like these on apps and platforms like meetup, which I have found really useful for meeting new people.

Tip #2: Be open

If you’re looking to meet new people then that’s great, but it might be helpful to try and make friends with people ‘outside your normal crowd’. When it comes down to it we normally have more in common than we don’t and we can normally learn something from anyone we meet. Having this mindset can help us meet some really interesting people, expand our view on the world and help us to make some new friends. Having said this, don’t feel like you have to change to fit in. Remember only make changes you want to.

Tip #3: Be interested in the other person

Believe it or not people don’t tend to gravitate to self absorbed people, but they really appreciate those who are interested in them. So if you want to make friends, be a friend. When you can help, help. Show interest, try out the things they like to do (again don’t do anything you’re not comfortable with, it could end up being awkward for everyone). All I'm saying you’re more likely to make friends if you are a friend.

Hey so, did we just become best friends?

Well if we didn’t then I guess that’s ok. Maybe you’ll like me more after checking our corresponding podcast episode ‘How To Make Friends’ where we are joined by a special guest. It’s got plenty more tips and giggles. Just click on the link below.

See you there (bestie)!

Written by Joe

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