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How To Be A Millennial.

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Let me paint you a picture… you’re sat in a coffee shop, your laptop is open and dreams of your future career are still alive, a hot cup of vegan friendly something is cooling to the side and you’ve got some sweet avocado toast on the way.

If you can relate to this in any way then you’re probably a millennial which is why you’re probably reading a how do you survive your 20s blog all though, all boomers and gen Z'ers are of course welcome.

So a quick definition of a millennial is someone who was born between the years 1980 to about 1996 and refers to people who were the first generation to become familiar with the internet, mobile devices and forms of social media. Basically if you had a myspace account or know about them you're pretty much a millennial (Shout out to Tom (that’s just an inside millennial joke)).

I myself was born towards the latter end of the millennial period however, I would definitely associate myself more with the millennial culture than I would Gen Z. Below I have written a few aspects of millennial life that I feel are most prevalent. These will be split up by avocados because they are really popular with millennials (not by me, they look a little but too snotty for me).

#Avocado 1: We’re all basically born with a small qualification in IT.

I have always loved tech growing up however, growing up in a family that didn’t have a lot of money, that tech was often observed by visiting my rich friends' homes. Despite not having a lot of tech at home, I knew how to use a computer from an early age and would even at the age of 11 teach my mum how to cut, copy and paste (that was a long hour). Think about it this is the generation that has seen some very quick advancements in technology. Within 20 years, the generation has gone from walkmans and using a pencil to rewind the cassette tape to ipod touches which can fit 1000s of songs.

We have gone from waiting 30 minutes to go on the internet where you would have to yell at your mum to get off the phone so you could go on the dial up, to now where we decide where we get coffee based on how good the wifi is.

Other generations may judge this generation from being on their phones all the time but it’s because we know how good we’ve got it and we know how much it has improved the quality of our lives.

Sure there are disadvantages but…. Whatever.

All I’m saying, is we know how good we’ve got it and generally we use it to make our lives more efficient and to stay more connected and educated.

#Avocado 2: Dreamers

This might be another aspect that other generations may use to complain against millennials but people have never had so many opportunities to do what they want, thanks to the internet. Now, unfortunately not everyone can be a youtuber.

Actually, that’s not true!

Everyone can be a youtuber/podcaster/blogger (exhibit A)/ writer etc. That doesn’t necessarily mean that what you create will get a million views but it’s been done plenty of times and whilst it’s a competitive environment, there isn’t a cap on success and so who knows.

In summary, yes not everyone can get everything they want but thanks to the internet and new forms of communication a lot more people can and a lot more people have the tools to do what they enjoy.

#Avocado 3 - No money

This is an exaggeration but as good as technology has developed, the economy has kind of crashed a few times and wages haven’t matched inflation. So yea it’s not like no millennial has ever bought a house but…. It does seem to take longer and takes more of a sacrifice. Nuff said.

#Avocado 4 - Known by lots of names ‘snowflake generation’, ‘boomerang generation’, ‘the peter pan generation’.

It’s the snowflake thing that gets me.

I for one am proud of being called a snowflake. I am proud to be known for not finding, racist, sexist and any kind of derogatory jokes funny. I am proud to want social change and not go along with the status quo. Sure you can point out times when this may go too far. However, when you know that what you say or communicate can hurt and make society a slightly worse place, then we need to take responsibility.

Due to the fact that what we say and communicate can also make society better and that’s what we need to be focusing on.

To be honest and this is a personal opinion, I think that the next generations (I’m looking at you gen z and generation alpha) will point out things that we millennials do that isn’t good for society and I for one are looking forward to it.

Anyway, thanks for reading my ramble. For more thoughts and especially laughs you can check out our episode about millennials. Episode 6. How Do You Survive Your 20s: It took an hour to go on the internet (How to be a millennial). Just click on the link below.

Written by Joe

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