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"He Popped It, Then Ate It!" (How To Survive Bad Habits)

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Whether we want to admit it or not, we all do something that we are at least a little ashamed of. For a lot of us, it is probably a little more than just biting our nails, but if you're that one perfect individual out there who has no bad habits, good for you! However I definitely am not. We all do something at least kind of weird when we are all alone... go on, admit it!

A difficult part in life though is accepting other people's bad habits, because whatever weird thing you think you may do in the comfort of your own home, I can guarantee that there is someone out there that does something 10x weirder, and maybe even in public. In your twenties you begin to settle into who you are, and this includes forming different habits, good and bad.

1# Nip it in the bud

Sometimes when we meet someone new, especially if it is someone that we get along with, we can tend to start to pick up little things that they may do. Even picking up certain words or phrases that they might say, even changing your accent to match there's a little more. Or it can be some things that are not so good, like being late to things or neglecting old friends. However when it comes to things like this, it is best to stop it before it even starts, because habits are hard to shake off.

2# Patience is a virtue

No one is perfect, and we all do something a little annoying to someone else. It might be the coworker that is always shaking his leg. Or the girl in your lecture that double clicks her pen every thirty seconds, and every time she does it, you just imagine yourself yanking the pen out of her hand and throwing it to the floor, to stomp on the pens stupid little clickly head, while mainting direct eye contact with the girl. You know, little stuff like that. However there are also things we do that annoy others, and they just put up with it. So next time you want to lose everything you have at someone and scream, take a couple deep breaths, and try not to sweat the small stuff.

3# Try, try, and try again

Building good habits can honestly be just as hard as breaking bad ones, but can be just as important. They say on average it takes more than 2 months before a new behavior becomes automatic, or 66 days to be exact. Which I would say is a pretty long time. Chances are too, somewhere in those lengthy 66 days, you might trip and tumble on your way to making a good habit. Don’t give up though, you just have to give it another shot. Even if it’s trying to go running every night, or building a study routine, if you miss a night or two, or ten, just try and again, and keep working on it.

Bad habits are what makes us interesting, I guess some people are just a little more interesting than others, but that’s ok.

For more inspiration and stories to put a smile on your face check out our podcast episode ‘He popped it… then ate it (How to Survive Bad Habits)’.

See you there!

Written by Jonah.

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