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How was Puberty?! (How to Survive Body Change)

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Well for some, puberty was a time to quote on quote, ‘glow up’. Then for some, this was a time to begin buying extortionate amounts of acne cream, buying razors for the first time, and wondering if your body is going to look like this forever. However everyone of us has been through some kind of body changes, and we will most likely continue to do so in our twenties, and throughout our life.

They say that the only thing constant in life is change, and our body is no different. For many of us in our early twenties, we are waving off our old friend puberty, and beginning to settle into ourselves. However the unfortunate reality is that our bodies are going to continue changing for the rest of our lives, and unfortunately, the spots don’t stop coming at 18 years old either. Even adults get them sometimes too. You just have to push on and embrace the changes like an old friend.

Below are a few tips that can be applied by teenagers and twentyers alike just like for anyone who’s body is changing.

1# Don’t pick at it!

When I say my acne was bad, I mean it was bad. Sure, I have definitely seen pictures of people that had it worse off than I did, however I used to spend at least 30-45 minutes each morning popping new puss ridden spots off my face, up until I found the magic pills known as accutane. Some people have mixed opinions about this, which is fair, however I had a pretty good experience with it. But at the end, I am left in my twenties with a lot of scarring. So my best advice is, don’t pick at it! It will pop when it’s ready.

2# We are meant to look different.

Image and appearance can sometimes feel like that is all there is, as that is all anyone will ever really see. So if we do not match our counterparts, we can not be of the same value as them. Well, that is just a load of rubbish, and whoever said that, and thought it was a good idea to start spreading it around, can get in the bin! We are all supposed to look different, and we should not need to match anyone else's appearance to ask for the same amount of value.

3# It will make a great story one day.

I for sure have a couple funny stories of being a pubescent teenager, in fact it is one of the reasons why we have a podcast, to share those stories. However, what I mean is that we all have been through a good couple of really embarrassing times being a teenager. So don’t feel too embarrassed if you look back on those times and cringe, we all do. It is probably what makes your twenties bearable now. Unless you had a rough time in your teens, and you're still having a tough time.. Well fingers crossed for your thirties!

4# Is it meant to look like that?!

Learning to love yourself is way more easier said than done. Sometimes it can definitely feel easier to think of ten things you don’t like about yourself, then three that you do. However, a little self love, and just even acceptance can really go a long way, mentally and physically. If no one has told you today, even by yourself, ‘you are doing a lot better than you think you, and you’re looking great doing it, keep it up!’

For more inspiration and stories to put a smile on your face check out our podcast episode ‘How’s Puberty?! (How to Survive Body Changes)’.

See you there!

Written by Jonah.

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