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Falling Forward: Taking Risks

Let me ask you a question…

You have a 3 in 4 chance of winning 10,000,000 pounds, dollars whatever you will. However you have 1 in 4 chance of losing everything? Would you do it?

Are you a risk taker?

Truth is I’m not. Also, just in case you were wondering, I don’t have that kind of money to actually offer you that option.

Truth is, I would much rather play it safe, and any ‘risky’ decision I’ve ever made in life has more often or not been a thought out and pre planned decision: with many of the risk factors being taken into account.

So why me, of all people, am I writing a blog about taking risks. Well I’ll tell you; because I watched two Ted talks about taking risks and well that unofficially makes an expert. (The two talks are down below if you too, fancied becoming an expert).

Here are a few thoughts on these talks and what I plan on doing.

Thought #1: Have the courage to live that ‘through line’ and live your best life.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to declare the purpose of life is about being happy, but generally if you’re not happy with your life then something probably needs to change. Sometimes that’s an internal thing and other times it’s external. Ultimately, if whatever we want will make us contently happy (not just happy for a few seconds) then most of the time it’s probably worth the risk or sacrifice. So have that courage to go for it and at least you won’t live in regret.

Thought #2: Making mistakes is as much a part of the journey than the destination.

Listen, I am the mayor of mistake town. I have made so many mistakes and failures in my life that I’ve gotten quite used to all the feelings associated with them: frustration, regret and shame. The fearsome three I call it.

Anyway, those mistakes have always been stepping stones of some kind and have always led to better things. The simple point I’m trying to make is, sometimes when the risk doesn’t work out, it can still lead to something else that’s good. Often where we are In life often depends on the angle we’re looking with.

Thought #3 What price are you willing to pay?

Here’s a thinker and won’t apply to every situation but it’s worth having in mind. Are you willing to pay the price for what you want? Everything in life has a price of time, effort, skill and monetary value. The things worthwhile in life have a higher price but not necessarily in monetary terms. Based on this idea if you aren’t willing to pay the price then whatever you weren’t willing to part with is something you want more. For example if you wanted a career in something that is particularly difficult to break into but you aren’t willing to study, train, put the hours in, network etc then you simply did not want it enough and would rather have the comforts of staying in your comfort zone etc.

Quite a thinker right?

What am I going to do from what I’ve learned? Well they say life is for the brave and the more I think about it the more I agree. I won’t really be happy if I’m just sitting on the sofa slurping away at a slushy (although that does sound pretty lush) all day every day. Truth is I don’t think most of the time we regret taking the risks. I think we always regret not taking the risks.

For more thoughts and laughs check out our podcast, ‘Falling Forward: Taking Risks’. We’d also love to hear your thoughts via our social media or contact us page.

See you there!

Written by Joe

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