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We broke into an AirBnB! (How To Travel)

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Welcome back to How Do You Survive Your 20s travels, We’ll be your captain today. Feel free to Ignore the seatbelt sign and stand up whenever you want and let Joe and Jonah take you on a blog post of your life (yea I know, a bit much all this isn’t it).

Seriously though, travelling there’s nothing quite like it, the excitement of seeing something new, meeting incredible new people or making good memories with some of the people you care about most, relaxing on a beach while your skin sizzles away, trying exotic food (or maybe even playing it safe based on your last experience of 24 hours spent in the bathroom).

Despite how fun travelling can be, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come without it’s stresses and it can be known to burn a whole through the old wallet. So take our hand (no too forward, ok) and follow us as we guide you on how to make the most of your travels with these handy tips.

#1 When to book flights

Normally the first step to travelling is well the moving part and that would usually involve flying. So lean in cause I’m going to whisper this juicy secret… January is the cheapest month to book flights. (It’s probably because no one has any money after Christmas). Not only that, Tuesdays and Wednesdays tend to be the cheapest days to book the flights for. There you go you can buy yourself a good pair of sunglasses with the money you’ve saved, just try not to drop and break them on the first day.

#2 Learn a bit of the language to get along with the locals.

So if you’re reading this it means you either speak or are learning English. As an English speaker we are very lucky as a lot of people in the world at least know a little bit of English. However, learning a bit of the language of wherever you’re going shows that you respect and appreciate their language and culture, which can mean a lot to the locals. Plus it looks pretty cool in front of that certain someone you’re trying to impress. Not only that, showing appreciation for wherever you’re going means the locals are going to see that and probably treat you a little nicer (recommending good restaurants etc).

#3 Download the luckytrip app

Want to travel, have a bit of money but no idea where to go and what to do or feel like throwing caution to the wind and just going for it. Well this app is for you. It lets you select a budget and a time and then it will find a holiday for you with flights, hotel and activities all within your budget. A useful tool for saving time and discovering new places you might never have even considered.

#4 Carry tissues, hand sanitizer and water

Having travelled around the US, Europe and Southeast Asia all I can say having these on hand at all times has been so handy in making travelling just a bit more comfortable and stress free.

Well we hope you’ve enjoyed our little trip so far and found these tips to be handy. There are plenty of more travel tips for you, hilarious stories and inspirational thoughts to be found on our Podcast episode. How To Survive Your 20s: We broke into an AirBnb (How To Travel). Just hop on board and follow the link below.

See you there!

Written by Joe

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