• How To Survive Your 20s

How To Face Adversity.

You might want to sit down for this.

Life is tough.

Preaching to the choir? Yea that’s what I thought.

We normally like to keep things quiet light hearted here at How Do You Survive Your 20s but we are putting on our grown up trousers today and taking on a more serious role. As aforementioned life is tough for so many reasons and I’m talking about the real life kind of tough not like ‘adulting and having to do the dishes when you’re tired kind of tough’.

These days it feels like nothing is for certain (2020 am I right), there is a global financial crash, it is now harder than ever to get a job, obesity and disease is on the rise, wars, fires, climate crisis, everyone is arguing with everyone, we’re spending too much time on our phones, conspiracy theories are growing and so on (are you ventilating yet or is it just me?).

Anyway, there are hard moments ahead.

So good luck….

Just kidding here are a few tips for dealing with adversity in life.

#1 Communicate

Speaking from experience but the science backs me up (which is nice to say also check out our how to complain blog for science) you need to talk about what is going on and how you are feeling. It is good for your soul and good for those parts of your brain that process what is going on. Talk with family and friends, councilors, forums. Just talk. If you don’t feel comfortable with that then talk to yourself. Wait, hear me out. Write to yourself, in a journal etc. When you’re going through those difficult times, it can feel overwhelming and like you're drowning. Talking and communicating gives you the strength to swim.

2# Invest in yourself

Whatever is going on in your life, give yourself time and space to heal and process. That might mean taking more breaks, doing more of the things you love. Whatever it is, don't feel bad for the unique way you need to heal (unless it’s hurting other people you may need to watch out for that). The truth is you can only do so much good/ deal with whatever you’re dealing with at 5%.

#3 Have a laugh

This might seem like an odd one but laughter is a good medicine for some things, like helping depression, clearing the mind etc. If you’re not laughing you’re crying right? I’m not saying you need to be laughing all the time but don’t be afraid to put on a comedy when you're low for some escapism and to give your brain the boost it needs to carry on.

#4 Don’t give up!

You got this!

For more inspirational stuff and things to put a smile on your face, check out our Podcast episode ‘How To Face Adversity (Special Guest)’. Just follow the link below.

See you there!


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