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How To Handle Diarrhoea (How To be Sick)

This definitely can be a sensitive subject during a pandemic, however as always at How Do You Survive Your 20s we would like to bring a smile to your face by discussing the ups and downs of getting sick (but the kind of sickness where you’re not worrying about anything serious).

I don’t know about you but when I am stressed and busy at work and I could really do with some time off, I long to get ill just so I can sleep, laze about doing nothing and watch all the TV I want knowing there is nothing I can do but just force myself to relax. Unfortunately, when my immune system does take one for the team and lets me get sick, I realise how feeling sick feels awful and ruins my few days off by making me cough every two seconds, turn my nose into an endless stream of mucus, spin my stomach, bang my head against the wall and finally well I won’t discuss any toilet issues. Point being, yea I get to stay in bed but at what, cost I ask you!

Furthermore, if you’ve decided to live it large and live alone then there’s no one to look after you. Let me tell you, giving yourself a neck massage is definitely not the same as having that special someone doing it. Just trust me on that one.

We at How Do You Survive Your 20s would like to provide you with some little tips and tricks to help you get through those sick days, because it’s only when we get sick, we realise how little we know about looking after ourselves and we get on the phone to whoever looking for advice and sympathy.

Tip #1 The best medicine is prevention, then laughter then whatever the actual needed medicine is.

That’s right, whenever we get sick we always look back to those happy days of being able to breath through our nostrils, being able to move 5 feet without needing to visit the bathroom etc. So make sure you: eat your vegetables (especially the green ones); get enough sleep; stay active and get some sunlight.

Tip #2 Have paracetamol and ibuprofen stocked up

If you do live alone, there’s nothing worse than having to go outside to get medicine when you’re sick. So stock up beforehand with paracetamol, ibuprofen, soups, diarrhoea and constipation tablets and flu remedies.

Most often or not to fight a cold or flu you will need to rest, use paracetamol and ibuprofen to lower your temperature, stay warm and stay hydrated!!!

Tip #3 Vomiting and Diarrhoea (Both ends baby)

For these bad boys it’s important to remember to stay hydrated, according to the NHS you don’t have to avoid any foods but eat only when you feel ready to. Wash your hands often to stop the spread of infection, clean your bedding and anything else you possibly could have spread the virus on such as the toilet seat etc.

Tip #4 You do you boo to make yourself feel better.

Take that hot shower to relieve sinuses, order that take away to get some salt in you. In essence give your body time to recover and make it feel good along the way.

Well that’s all from Doctor How Do You Survive Your 20s. For more advice and hilarious content to make you smile on a bad or a good day; check out our Podcast episode ‘How To Handle Diarrhoea (How To Be Sick).

See you there!

Written by Joe

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