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How To Receive Bad News

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

‘I’m sorry….

Please don’t.

We did everything we could.

(Holds back tears)

I’m afraid you’ll be without WiFi for at least another few hours…


We’ve all received bad news in some shape or another; big and small. Sometimes as well depending on how we’re feeling the small stuff can sometimes seem big and the big stuff feel small. Either way it can be pretty darn sucky (apologies for the profanity).

At ‘How do you survive your 20s’ we can’t stop the bad stuffing (believe you me, we’ve tried) but maybe we can help you deal with it a little bit better to keep you fighting and help you see the silver lining.

Step 1: Process

Bad news = bad emotions. That’s ok. Your emotions are part of being human and are natural reactions and sometimes ignoring them can hurt you down the road. Don’t be ashamed of what you feel. Keeping this in mind we are still responsible for our actions so if you are feeling that rage, that’s fine but we’ve got to find the ways for releasing that anger which leads us to part 2.

Step 1: Process part 2


When our emotions are very strong and they might lead us to doing something we might regret, it’s important to just breath. This will help reduce the chemical imbalance leading to these strong emotions and help you stay in control of you and help your brain to deal with the news in a much more healthy manner.

Step 2: Put everything into context

Once we’re feeling a bit more in control and our body is processing the news we can help encourage that healthy process by trying to put everything into context. This can be done by talking to someone or writing down what we are thinking and feeling. This helps remove some of the illogical emotion attached to the news and helps us to see things in a clearer perspective and see that maybe it’s not as bad as we once feared.

Step 3: Spin it

I know this is cliche but try and see what you can learn from the experience, what you can gain and any other positives. Not only that (I can hear you rolling your eyes at this point) write down what you are grateful for. I know it’s cheesy but life is all about perspective and it just helps you get some more.

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Written by Joe

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