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You wake up; sweating, breathing heavily and your heart is pounding. You’ve had that nightmare again. The one where Greta Thunberg is shouting at you telling you do more for the planet.

Sounds familiar?

If so, well it’s because you’re starting to feel the weight of our impending self imposed doom. That’s right folks it’s getting close to midnight and we don’t have much time to save the world. Sometimes that can feel overwhelming and don’t get me wrong it’s the biggest challenge we’ve faced as a humanity.

But let’s throw some positive shade on the situation: we can make a difference!

However, the truth is you’re busy. There are other pressing matters in your life and you know that you should do more. Even so, It can just feel like it can cost a bit too much in either time, money and effort.

To help ease the guilt and help us all sleep a little easier, knowing that the air is a little cleaner thanks to following our 5 convenient eco saving tips. (normally we do three but this is really important).

Tip #1

Change your search engine to either ecosia or ocean hero.

These search engines use your searches to either fund planting trees or cleaning the ocean (I’m sure you can figure out which is which). Admittedly they are not the best search engines in the world. To combat that, just search for your favourite search engine (I mean we all know it’s google. Does anyone even know what Bing is?). Adding that 5 seconds a search will make the air and water just a little bit cleaner.

Tip #2

Have a bag in the house for the recyclable plastics that need to be done at a specialist place or supermarket. (This one may be more specific to the UK).

Ok, so it’s getting more common where things wrapped in plastic can be recycled at a specialist centre or at a supermarket (along with plastic bags). But it's not like every time you have a loaf of bread you are going to run back to your supermarket, just to recycle the plastic. So have a bag/box specifically for this kind of plastic. Wait till you’ve collected a good chunk of the stuff and then on your next convenient trip, go ahead and recycle those bad boys and revel in the self righteousness of it all.

Tip#3 Quorn chicken nuggets are just like the real thing.

Meat. Our meat production has a heavy price on the environment and whether ethical or not there is no denying that it does taste pretty darn good, In the past, veggie meat just hasn’t been able to compete in the taste arena. Until…. The quorn chicken nugget! This underdog tastes like the OG and therefore makes a great meat replacement.

In summary, save a chicken, save the world! (Side note, their plastic bags can be recycled so see the above point).

Tip#4 Look for green energy suppliers.

The truth is, the answers and solutions to solve the energy crisis are already out there. We just need to invest in the solutions. One great way to help invest is by choosing an energy supplier that provides energy via renewable sources. That means, if you do accidentally leave the light on, well it’s not as bad as it used to be and you can sleep it easier.


Go plastic free in one amazon order.

Buying plastic free stuff can be expensive, but buying the plastic stuff can cost the earth sooooo. Buy the plastic free stuff in bulk in one order off amazon. I’m talking shampoo bars, safety razors, bamboo brushes and chewable toothpaste. Buying in one bulk will save money over time and save energy in terms of the trips to get from the warehouse to your door.

Well there you go, the whole world can now sleep easier thanks to you and your ability to help save the world.

For more fun tips (including the most eco friendly way to dispose of the body) check out our Podcast episode ‘How To Save the World’. Just follow the link below.

See you there!

Written by Joe

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