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How To Survive Christmas in 2020

What a year ey... (Awkward and tense silence follows).

In all seriousness (something we don't do too often here) this year has been tense, stretching and a learning curve, in some way or another, for many of us.

Unfortunately, that stress and strain has followed us to Christmas/winter holidays a time for many to relax and catch up with loved ones. However, it's just not that simple this year.

While I would love to have a solution for everyone; I er just write blogs and make podcasts.

What I can offer you is something to help you destress and bring some happiness to your life and others.

This solution is called service and helping others. It's quite simple when we look out for others we don't focus so much on ourselves helping us to feel better.

There's a whole science to it.,the%20detrimental%20effects%20of%20stress.&text=Studies%20show%20that%20having%20a,and%20even%20better%20financial%20health.

But where and how can I help out? It might be simple, ways of just reaching out friends and family who you know who are having a hard time. But if you are looking for some ideas here is a site that is full of ideas to help you figure out how you can help.

There you go. Get helping and you might just end up having a great holiday after all.

If you all fancy a laugh you can check out any of our podcasts. Just follow the link below.

See you there!

Written by Joe

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