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How To Survive High School (Part One)

I know a ‘How To Survive High School’ blog post on a surviving 20s site doesn’t make too much sense but hear me out there are a lot of lessons we can learn from high school (life lessons obviously) and I thought it might be a good idea to you know do some revision and go over them again.

Don’t get me wrong for a lot of people, thinking back to those school days can bring shivers down anyone’s spine. From dealing with traumatic puberty episodes, cringe worthy moments of when you embarrassed yourself in front of your crush and endless amounts of pointless homework but it wasn’t all bad was it?

Lesson #1 The grand scheme of things

Do you remember how stressed out you would get at such trivial things whether it was in year 7 (for anyone who’s not British that’s 11 years old and starting their secondary school education) when you forgot that piece of homework for the first time, or when you sneezed in front of your crush (admittedly that would be pretty embarrassing now) and feeling like the world was going to end. Don’t get me wrong, as valid as those feelings are, they were still as little extreme because well, as you may have noticed, it didn’t. Looking back at those moments and realizing that actually they weren't as big a deal as we thought might help us to put our not so big deal problems into perspective too.

Lesson #2 You do you boo

Let’s face it no matter what kind of ‘kid’ you were back in school (class clown, popular, nerd etc) everyone gets way more conscious of societal pressures and that affects their behaviour. Do you remember how stressful that was, do you remember how it actually didn’t make you happy, it just helped keep at bay the wave of crushing societal pressure to perhaps act and be something you didn’t really want to be. Maybe keep that in mind next time you do something you don’t really want to do. (Although don’t get me wrong you might still have to go work on a monday morning).

Lesson #3 You survived!

Listen, you might look back at high school fondy but I’m sure at some points it was hell. I remember the day we did cross country for the first time, not to be overdramatic but I have never known torture like it. Point is, life is full of ups and downs just like school and well if you can ride the school wave you can take on anything.

Hope you liked those pointers, for a fun look back at high school life you can check out our podcast episode. Episode 28: How To Survive High School (Part 1). Just follow the link below.

See you there!

Written by Joe

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