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Kids TV Shows (Reminiscing Episode)

It feels like everything around us is wanting to play on our nostalgia, making us want to relive the good old days when our biggest worries were having two types of vegetables for dinner or releasing at 11:30PM that you forgot to tell your Mum you needed ingredients for food tech the next day. Ah, the good old days.

Why do we love to reminisce so much, as opposed to seeking out and making new memories. Maybe because it’s just a lot easier, and who doesn’t love doing things the easy way, right? However it is nice to once in a while, look back on simpler times, some things were a little simpler, and things we could also learn from. Then on the other hand, some stuff needs to stay in the past.

1# Don’t look back in anger.

As much as nostalgia can bring back a lot of good memories, with happy experiences you may want to relive, it can also bring back a lot of cringe worthy memories that send a shudder down your spine, and back you lay in bed mortified with embarrassment. Ah well, it’s all apart of growing up…right?

2# Buy it!!!

Giving in and making a purchase or two can’t be too harmful. How much exactly is the price of reliving past childhood memories. Not gonna lie, whenever I see a lego set for the Starship enterprise, or think about buying an old playstation 2 and ‘The Simpsons Hit and Run’ game, I get very tempted to splash out and get it, but then I look at my bank account and think, probably shouldn’t. But if you have the dough, treat yourself, and relive some childhood joy!

3# Down the rabbit hole.

TV and movies are definitely a big pull on my nostalgia heart strings. So let this be a warning to you all now, you think that watching just one episode of your favourite show from when you were a kid, you can’t. You will be up until 3AM, even with a deadline due to tomorrow. Nothing will stop you. The nostalgia is too strong my friend, too strong.

Take some time to look back, and reminisce on the good old days. Maybe even call up a friend you had when you were at school, catch up with them. It’s all good fun.

For more great advice and humorous shenanigans, check out our Podcast episode ‘Kids TV Shows (Reminiscing Episode)’. Just click on the link below.

See you there!

Written by Jonah

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