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I Miss My Parents (Moving Out And Living Away From Home).

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

‘Geesh MUM leave me ALONE!!!!!’. When we were younger, we'd have all thought about the glorious day we would move out and enjoy true freedom. Then when that day comes, we realise what the cost of true freedom is.


We’ve come home from work, hungry and tired looking forward to some delicious food and then realised that the only person to make said meal is tired old you. Then we realise there is no food to make aforementioned meal because some lazy bum (you) said you would do the shopping after work/school. Then you realise even if you were to have a pre cooked meal, there would be no dishes to eat off of, due to the fact your infuriatingly lazy housemate hasn’t done any of the dishes. It is at this point you crumble to the floor as tears stream down your face (the song fix you is playing throughout your head) and in a humiliating fashion crawl towards your bed ready to drown in a sea of tears. Finally, to make matters worse you get to your bed and you realise your sheets are still sitting in the washing machine all soaked and cold, ready for you to be a responsible adult and get them dry. The foetal position is then taken up wishing for your parents to burst through the door and take care of everything.

Sound familiar?

Well Joe and Jonah from ‘How Do You Survive Your 20s?’ are here to pick you up and get you back on your feet.

Here are three tips for living on your own.

Tip # 1 Make a budget and stick to it

One of the biggest causes of stress in life is financial. (For lots of money advice check out our podcast episode Money Money Money (Episode 1)). Make sure you put enough away for rent, bills, travel and food. Once you have money set aside for those things, put some away for a rainy day. Yes this method means that you might miss out on a few things right now but it means that you will be able to live your life without the massive worry of where your next meal is. Additionally, borrowing money and leaching of friends can be one of the quickest ways to end friendships and ruin relationships with housemates. So make this a priority, and fun stress free times will be right around the corner.

Tip # 2 Tidy up, learn to communicate and be a gem.

More often or not, moving out means living with housemates. These housemates may be known friends or friends to be made or maybe someone who’s a bit of a naughty word. Whoever they may be ensuring you have a decent relationship is essential for stress-free times. This means tidying up after yourself so no one can get annoyed at you and communicating essential things like when you’ll pay rent, can I borrow such and such so again no one can get mad. Finally, try and do some nice things for your housemates. It will help build friendships and create a good atmosphere, making everyone’s life much easier.

Tip # 3 Surround yourself with familiar things

Moving out can be fun, help you to grow and be liberating but that doesn’t mean you might not miss home or still even feel a little anxious from time to time. Surrounding yourself with familiar things like pictures of family and friends, stuff from home and just about whatever floats your boat (although lockets of your friends hair is probably a bit too much) will help you feel a bit more at home and give you a safe space to help recharge.

There are plenty more pieces of advice, dorky jokes and horror stories all just for you in our How Do You Survive Your 20s podcast. Be sure to give it a listen, a cheeky review and a sweet subscribe. Just follow the link below.

Written by Joe

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