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Quarantine Life (Quarantime)

This is one thing that I don’t think anyone saw coming in the summer of 2019. Literally the whole world has been put on pause, from schools and exams, travel, going to see a new film at the cinema, weddings, and even seeing your Grandma who lives at the end of your street.

I read a quote on friends Instagram page a while ago, (which is usually the source of all my inspiration in life) and it said that during 2020, we can either make it the year that everything went wrong, we should just sleep it off and try again in 2021, or we can make it the year that we were forced to stop and think, change a little, adapt and become stronger. As truly tempting as it may sound to just stay in bed all year and sleep, because that sounds fantastic, we would only look back and regret not trying to get even something small out of the obligatory time at home.

1# Learn to cook a new meal.

Quarantine can be a great time to learn a number of skills, and cooking should definitely be one. With many restaurants shut unfortunately, we can not rely on being handed our favourite foods. So instead we have to give it a go and try to make food ourselves. Of course I really doubt most things we make will ever be as good as the restaurant stuff, because nothing tastes better that food someone else made for you.

2# Download Tiktok.

Speaking on sleeping your way through 2020. I can not even calculate the number of wasted hours/days/weeks but more likely months I have spent scrolling my life away watching the dumbest, craziest, most hilarious, and strangely fascinating videos on TikTok. Whoever made TikTok made it just the right time, right when we needed it most. Also, go follow us on TikTok!

3# Learn to Zoom, and get used to it.

Does anyone even remember Skype? It is all about the Zoom life now. If you are calling into a business meeting or your Mum is forcing your family to have another quiz night, most likely it will now be on Zoom. True masters of Zoom know that this is a pyjama trousers optional event regardless.

4# Make a plan.

I don’t mean to sound like a pain to those who are enjoying sleeping through 2020, but if you want to reach 2021, and look back with only a little bit of remorse for the time neglected this year, make yourself a plan on what you want to specifically achieve.

Everyone has been affected by quarantine, whether it is financially, economically, or just being sick of staying inside, but with a little bit of hard work, 2020 can be made into the year that everything changed for the better, you YOU!

For more inspiration and stories to put a smile on your face check out our podcast episode

‘Quarantine Life (Quarantime)’.

See you there!

Written by Jonah.

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