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Social Destruction

You know that feeling, when you’ve told a joke and then no one laughs and not only that everyone goes silent for what can only be described as at least a decade.

Oh just me, ok.

Anyway, that feeling, of knowing that you have killed all the good vibes and pressed the self destruct button on any future invites to hang outs and a social life, is one that I do not enjoy. That moment is what we call at how do you survive your 20s social destruction.

As you are all too familiar with, life in your 20s can bring about many social opportunities and hopefully after teenage life and maybe a few years in the adult world, we’ve managed to acquire the social skills to build good relations with colleagues, friends, family etc. However like most things in life nothing is a guarantee. So to help avoid such social fatalities here are a few tips to keep that buzzing social life breathing.

1# Nice people (not just guys) finish first

People like the nice one. If you are really conscious about how you come off, focus on being nice. You will always leave a good impression. So give your friends compliments, offer to help in some way and be a good listener. The last one, I personally think will make the best impression. When you show people that you care, not only will they appreciate it, chances are they will reciprocate the feelings. It’s kind of like when someone whispers and you can’t help but whisper back.

2# Relax and breath

Truth is we’re using a hyperbole (as I’m sure you’ve figured) and like most of the things we worry about it’s not as bad as it seems. There’s actually a good chance that people haven’t perceived it as badly as you think. Truth is as well if people really make a big deal over an unfunny joke or something you’ve said that might be a little embarrassing then, well do you really want to be hanging out with them anyway.

So when you say something that yea was a tad embarrassing, take a few deep breaths, think about the situation from an objective point of view and laugh it off, cause it’s not a big deal, sometimes it’s good to laugh at yourself and again it’s not a big deal.

3# It’ll make a good story

Don’t be afraid to laugh about it. Laughing about it, shows you and your confidence are bigger than the ‘embarrassing moment’ it also gives permission to laugh with you and then the experience becomes a positive one and you leave with a better impression in everyone’s minds.

If you fancy hearing some more tips and laughing at our social destruction moments you can check out our podcast episode ‘We’re back (social destruction)’.

Just follow the link below.

See you there!

Written by Joe

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