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"Soggy Clingfilm" (How To Complain)

We all love a good vent, don’t lie! I know you do.

But at the same time we all know someone who won’t just shut up and whine about every little thing. That certain someone might be called Karen but i’m not saying it is because I don’t want to get in trouble with my manager.

So is complaining bad or is it a good thing?

Don’t fret, sweat or moan my confused friend, I have a few words of wisdom to help us find the perfect balance of when to vent and when to get over it and deal with it.

Good news, complaining can be good for you!

It all depends on when and how you complain.

Psychologists have stated that being aware of your feelings and problems and discussing them can help relieve stress and help the individual be more mindful (which is often correlated with happiness). Furthermore, they also stated that using logic and facts with the aim of trying to make a situation better is the most effective type of complaining as this correlates with the idea that the individual’s situation will get better.

Additionally, venting your feelings can help relieve stress. Even writing those feelings down can help you process stresses and other negative emotions. This can help us to process our experiences and give us the ability to come up with the ideas on how to make the situation better.


Complaining can often be used to reinforce an identity. One example would be complaining about the state of food at a fancy restaurant. This would connote the idea that the person has high standards etc. Meaning that the complainer is a bit of a snob and well that can get a bit annoying.

My advice then, it’s good to have a bit of a moan, vent, complain because it is a way of expressing and processing our emotions which can ultimately help maintain a healthy mental lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong as well, life in your 20s can be hard and with so many things one can face in their 20s there can be a lot to complain about. So find that good friend or family member and let it all out, take a deep breath and start moving forward.

If you fancy venting to us (or even about us) you can DM us on one of our socials (follow the links below) or click on the contact page. In each episode we have a section for people to complain about things that really grind their gears.

You can also check out our podcast episode ‘Soggy Clingfilm (How To Complain)’. It’s all about things we like to complain about and more on why complaining is good. Just follow the link below.

See you there!

Written by Joe

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