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"Green Smoke Came From Nowhere!" (How To Cook)

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Ah food, where would we be without you? Well… dead is the answer, which is valid. What I’m trying to say is food is something that we all need, something that we all have in common and a big part of gaining the title of adult is learning how to prepare and cook food to, you know, keep us alive.

I love food, If I could, I would definitely class eating as a pastime however society still seems to judge me for scoffing down a family size share bag of doritos at 2 in the morning. Despite my love for food for a very long time, I had this fear of cooking. I was always afraid of not cooking something for long enough or too much. The thought of giving someone food poisoning, haunted me and to this day the idea of someone having to suffer through my food fills me with dread.

This type of anxiety led to some not so great meals (I once burnt pasta, don’t ask me how but yea I did it). So to help anyone else with cooking anxiety here are a few handy tips.

#Tip 1 - Practice makes perfect

Cooking is a skill, so it’ll take practice. Maybe have a few backup meals ready (or have uber eats to hand) but the more you practice the better you’ll get. You will learn from your mistakes. You’ll learn for what signs to look out for and ultimately you’ll learn what tastes good (I.e. boiled vegetables will just never taste good).

#Tip 2 - Read through the recipe or watch the video all the way through.

This may seem obvious but do your best to visualise the whole process, so you can be more confident with what you’re doing. Cooking can be like most things where confidence can make all the difference. If you’re worried you’re going to over cook something chances are you’ll undercook it. So watch/ read through everything so you can visualise what you’re doing.

#Tip 3 - Organise your kitchen.

Have all the ingredients and kitchen utensils to hand before hand so you can be hands on (I’ll stop saying hand). But we’ve all seen Bake off, cooking can be manic, so help reduce the stress by being organised. No stress means better cooking decisions and hey you might actually start to enjoy cooking.

#Tip 4 - Add some flavour.

Why do people like food, because it tastes good! So add some flavour. Adding a bit of salt will help enhance the other flavours. You can pick some seasonings from any supermarket. Italian herbs are great for any kind of vegetables and meats for pasta. Powdered garlic never goes amiss. You can add some spicier stuff for more exotic foods. Just look at your options and go back to tip number 1; experiment!

#4 - Stuck with what to cook? Try apps like Tasty and good food.

There are plenty of sites and apps to help you learn what to cook, get some inspiration and the great thing is you can filter recipes for your needs such as vegetarian, cook in under 30 minutes and 5 ingredients and less.

Well, I hope you enjoyed those tasty tips and you feel a little more confident in the kitchen. For more mouth watering advice and hilarious stories you should check out our podcast episode. ‘Episode 8: Green smoke came from nowhere (how to cook)’. You can find that by following the link below.

See you there!

Written by Joe

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