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What Would You Do?

Let me paint you a picture.

You’re hanging out with friends, you’ve had some good laughs. It could be in the car, over dinner in the illegal underground fight club you belong to, wherever and whatever. Everyone is having a good time but the conversation is starting to dimmer and the warm conversational flame is starting to run out of fuel.

Have you ever been in that position, have you ever started to panic, have you ever ever questioned whether you actually like these people?

Well, lucky for you here at How Do You Survive Your 20s we have the solution to spark up any conversation, the What would you do game.

For those of us who aren’t aware of the ‘what would you do game’(would you rather also falls into this category), let me explain. You describe a scenario and you ask ‘what would you do?’.

So for example, a classic is you wake up in a hospital, nothing but a gown. It’s empty, you check outside and you see Zombies. What would you do?

Oh go on, I’ll give my answer. So of course the first 10 minutes (fine 10 hours) are sheer panic. I’ve locked myself in my room and sobbed for a good few minutes (fine hours), but then I realise that well, if this is it, I might as well go swinging. First though, I need to get some clothes cause hospital gowns just really aren't my thing. So, I dismantle my poorly barricaded room, and hunt for some underwear because if I’m going to be eaten alive, I want to at least look delicious.

Cut to three weeks I have somehow survived, scavenged enough (I now have underwear) and I start to believe I can make it. Knowing my luck, while camping in the forest, I go to pee, I trip, break my neck and die with my pants down.

It’s a fun game, it helps you get to know whomever you are talking with a lot better and there are usually a lot of laughs. We played it with some friends one episode and so we thought we would include some of the questions here so you can play along too. You can also check out our episode (Episode 25: What would you do) for a good laugh too.

#1 If you found yourself in the hunger games, what would you do to survive?

#2 If you found a bunch of loose snakes on a plane how would you react?

#3 If you found £/$100,000 on the side of the road what would you do?

#4 If you could grant people’s wishes for one day, what would you do?

#5 If you found out your significant other was a spy, what would you do?

#6 If you found out you were adopted what would you do?

#7 If you were told one of your limbs had to be robotosized (it’s a word!) which limb would it be?

#8 If you had to only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

#9 Would you rather lose the ability to speak or to move?

#10 If you woke up in a dark forest with nothing but the clothes you have on now and no idea where you were, what would you do?

We hope you enjoyed those suggestions and you enjoy the entertaining conversations that follow. We know we had a laugh going through them. To check out our episode where we have a good ol’ laugh discussing what we would do, just follow the link below.

See you there!

Written by Joe

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